About me

As a young kid a run around with my fathers two Leica cameras, photographing whatever I came across. I set up a provisory darkroom in our bath, and learned the fundamentals of how to make black and white photographs appear on paper. However, other interests came in my way, and the camera was put away for many years except for common holyday- and family shooting.

My wife is an artist, and for many years we have been running an art school in Oslo (www.nydalenkunstskole.no). There were so many photos to be taken of work and exhibitions, and one day I bought my first Nikon semi pro camera. There were also growing demands for giclée and digital prints, and even more photos of art had to be taken. And why not make a business of that? So Gicleelab as (www.gicleelab.no) was born, a lot of nice photo gear was suddenly at my hand, and my interest from far back was revitalized.

I now spend a lot of time with my camera. I love to go out in the streets, I explore nature, landscape and seascape trough the viewfinder, and I also do some macro photography. I am not so interested in the "perfect" photography, for me it is the moments in the streets or the mood and beauty of nature that attracts me.